Where healthy meets thrifty, with just a splash of crazy



Hi ya’ll! We are a slightly crazy mother-daughter duo with a penchant for learning about and living a healthy, alternative, and well… crunchy lifestyle. You might even call us research junkies. Our goal is to take all of the useful information we find and put it on this blog in a simple, straightforward format. We want to empower you to improve not just your health, but your life.

And speaking of life, we want to share all the important parts of ours with you. Not just health stuff, but our relationships with God, our adventures as mamas, and any other odds and ends that pop up.

On the health side of things, we plan to write about a wide range of health topics, from skincare (yes, we bathe with oil, but don’t let that scare you off…) and laundry detergent, to meat purchases and organization. The beauty is that you can pick just how crunchy you are ready to get at this point in your life.

We want to put the results of our research and experience in your hands, without you having to spend hours wading through piles of information and tripping through trial and error. Because, let’s face it, researching any health-type topic can be downright frustrating and overwhelming. Especially when you feel like the guinea pig of your own discoveries. Well, we’ve made plenty of these mistakes, so hopefully you don’t have to.

If you are all ready to start cooking more of your own meals, but don’t feel up to tackling your own bread, don’t! Remember, you can’t make too many changes in your life at once. Think of it as a journey – one we’ve been on for years to get where we are now. We are here as a resource, not to dictate how you should be living your life.

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